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How to use the speed ticket?

Go to any new tab page in the Rammerhead Browser. There should be a speed ticket panel to enter the code.

I didn't receive any emails with the code even though I paid for it. What to do?

First, check that it's not in your spam/junk folder. If you're absolutely sure you didn't receive the email, that probably means the email has bounced. I should be able to forward the email to you within 24 hours of it being bounced, but if it still has not come yet, please email [email protected] or ping me on Discord.

Can I share the code with my friends?

Yes! You can use it on multiple devices and share it with your friends. However, to prevent abuse, each code has a gracious usage limit of (total length of ticket) hours, usage being counted by the total hours each session is open for. (One session is one Rammerhead Browser tab being opened).

For example, if you apply the one month speed ticket code to one rammerhead link on two separate computers, leave rammerhead open and connected to the internet for 2 hours, it will count towards the code's usage, leaving you with 740 hours left.

(31 days - 4 hours = 744 hours - 4 hours = 740 hours)

Note that if you are using rammerhead by yourself, the limit is designed so that you won't need to worry about running out of hours before reaching the expiration date of the speed ticket.

Does the expiration count the moment I buy it?

No. However, it must be first used within 6 months. The expiration also starts the moment it is first used. For example, if you bought a 2 days ticket on January 1st, and used it on January 5th, it will only expire on January 7th. However, if you wait until October 1st, the code cannot be used anymore.

Where to get links?

All links are provided graciously by the efforts of the rammerhead community. You can see all the links in the Rammerhead Discord server. Just ask around if you need help finding your way.

Where's the Rammerhead Discord Server?

Here: discord.gg/VNT4E7gN5Y

No more free rammerhead????

Rammerhead will always be free to those who can't afford the speed ticket. The ticket ensures rammerhead stays usable for ticketed users during times of extreme traffic load.

What's going to happen to the patreon?

The patreon has been phased out. All the users who have contributed $30 or above in total will receive a lifetime "Just me is ok" $5/month subscription for their donations.